Eric Anton gives leadership to Ronald Mc Donald House Event

Congratulations to both Tyler McNeil, Eric Anton, Dan Grattan and a Thanksgiving thought:

As Board of Associates Members (boa) we all have reason to be proud of what we have accomplished this year both professionally and for the House!

Anne Jablonski shared with us yesterday Tyler McNeil’s recognition as one of the 30 under 30 of NYC’s rising Real Estate Stars as selected by The Commercial Observer. Congratulations Tyler – we are all very proud of you!

Last evening one of our cornerstone events as a Board of Associates, the Child’s Champion Award, happened for the third year running. This is an event that our boa member Eric Anton gives leadership to and has annually raised over $100,000! For last night’s event Eric had recruited Amir Korangy (Publisher of The Real Deal) to be the Honoree and it was jam packed at the Wayfarer on 57th Street with about 150 persons from real estate and related industries. Several boa members were able to join us in the celebration of the over $110,000 raised. Thank you Eric!

As I look through the roster of the boa members I become tempted to want to list in this e-mail all of your many contributions over this year. It would be a long and very impressive list and I’d really hate to miss recognizing someone, therefore I will refrain from attempting to do that. But as a note of Thanksgiving to each of you let me share some impressions of our continuous evolution as a group.

  1. We share a common respect for the families under the roof of the House.
  2. As individuals we are successful, and as a group we are successful.
  3. What gives us great potential as a Board of Associates is that each of us can and often does find a way to contribute to the best of their abilities and talents.
  4. We think about what we can accomplish as a group, and we are not afraid to dream of BIG things.
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