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PopUp Retail has evolved to over a 6 Billion dollar industry!

LampeBerger_windowChristina Norsig is a true marketing visionary and the original pioneer the PopUp Retail Phenomenon. She understood that space could be used in a flexible way, dating back to her very first accessory store in a beauty salon over 30 years ago.

In 2003 Christina began to open up larger stores in NYC for the holiday season, understanding that not every store could or should be open 12 months out of the year. She very soon gained the trust and interest of both large real estate owners wanting her to fill their empty stores and big brands wanting her help to find a shop.

In 2009 with over 13% retail vacancy Christina had a shop at the prestigious One West 57th St. occupying a space that had never had the “lights on” before.  It was during that shop that she had an epiphany. This should be happening all over the city, all over the country, all over the world. Empty storefronts should connect with eager merchants, not forever but temporarily. Shoppers love newness. Merchants love sales. Landlords love rent.  It was together with her partner Eric Michael Anton that they took PopUp Retail mainstream.

Together, the marketing/ real estate duo defined an industry and created the first marketplace, inspiring the birth of a billion dollar industry that covers seasonal stores, restaurants, fashion, media marketing, distressed downtowns and experiential concepts.

Below are some of the news and media where we educated landlords and brands on What a PopUp is and why it isn’t just a trend.  It’s what the team coined, “Bricks, Clicks to Quicks”.

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