Read the Industry Manual on How to Pop-Up Your Shop!

Learn from an expert on how to find, secure, design, stream, and manage your PopUp! Online PopUp Retail has sold Globally in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Hong Kong.

A Celebrity in Hollywood...A Fashionista in SoHo...An Artist in Miami. What do they have in common...? They are cashing in on the hottest trend in today's marketplace – Streaming Pop-Up Retail! Streaming Pop-ups are a booming business, turning up in once-empty spaces all across the retail landscape from city downtowns to suburban shopping malls. Filling the need for newness and excitement, streaming popups are emerging as a new source of passion and profit for the retailing industry. This book takes you behind the scenes, deconstructs the phenomenon, and provides a blueprint for those ready to get in and get popping.

Christina Norsig, author of Pop-Up Retail, now offers one on one consultation and advisory services to individuals or groups who are looking for guidance and an advantage as they consider opening, streaming, managing, and profiting from Pop-Up Retail.

You will learn:

  • Why customers are drawn to pop-up retail.
  • What makes a great pop-up concept.
  • How to scout a pop-up retail location.
  • How to market a pop-up to attract customers.
  • What are the common pitfalls of pop-up retail and how to avoid them.
  • Through case studies, analysis and practical advice, Pop-Up Retail gives the reader the necessary tools to understand and profit from this booming retail trend.